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Switlik MOM 8-S

Switlik MOM 8-S

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The MOM 8-S, is designed to provide the market with a lighter, smaller version of the current MOM 8-A. The MOM 8-s is the fastest way to get all the necessary man overboard safety equipment to a victim in the water and gives you time to return to the victim in a safe and prepared manner.

The completely self-contained system is designed to be rail mounted to the stern of a boat providing instant deployment into the water near the victim. The Underarm Flotation Device will keep the victim afloat, while the pylon fitted with reflective tape and an LED light provides excellent visibility. The weighted sea anchor will ensure that the victim remains in the same location. With the durable lifting straps, getting a victim back on board becomes easy. When brought along side, the victim can be lifted vertically by attaching a halyard or other device to the durable lifting straps and eye rings on the Underarm Flotation Device.


  • Soft pack valise is made of Herculite® 80 Laminated Nylon. This case is tear and abrasion resistant, impermeable, mildew/rot resistant, UV resistant and easy to clean
  • Underarm Flotation Device (UFD) with 35+ Lbs. of inflated buoyancy
  • 6 ft Inflatable pylon with water-activated, lithium-powered, flashing light and 2 SOLAS reflective panels
  • 16 in diameter, ballasted, self-opening Sea Anchor to reduce downwind drift
  • Rigged for manual inflation upon pulling the red handle on top.
  • Easily mounted with an elastic lacing system. The unit can be securely fashioned to both rigid metal and wire rails.
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