Gill Neoprene Winter Glove Black

Gill Neoprene Winter Glove Black

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Neoprene Winter Glove

Grip, dexterity and durability are the most important things when choosing sailing gloves and these Neoprene Winter Gloves deliver on all three counts. Their pre-shaped construction and neoprene fabric also feels as close to your natural skin as any gloves can. The innovative Sharkskin palm offers the best grip, even in the worst weather conditions. And the neoprene fabric is flexible, water-resistant and double-lined for comfort. It’s also a fantastic thermal insulator, making it the obvious choice for sailing gloves when out in colder conditions.


  • Liquid taped seams protect against water ingress.
  • Smoothskin wrist seal prevents cold water flush.
  • Durable Sharkskin palm provides superb grip in wet conditions.

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